90. Make $2,000+ per month Become an I-Want-To-Become-Millionaire consultant!

With all the ideas outlined on this website, IWANTTOBECOMEMILLIONAIRE.COM, you can offer advice and consultation for people to optimize their budgets.
On average, people can save $1,000 per month with their personal budget, $2,000-$3,000 per month with their household/family budget.

Most people that come on this website don't have the time (to go through all the ideas, 90%) neither the expertise (or do not have the patience, 80%) to implement all the ideas for their budgets.
Here is where you can help them. You can charge them $500 for 5 days of work sitting together with them and advice them how they can save (or make) money.

Or cheaply, you charge them $50-$100 per day for several hours per day of work. After 5-10 days you made $500.
You can start with your family and friends, write them about this website, then tell them you will do all the work for them to optimize their budgets.

If you find only 2 people each month, and you optimize their budgets, you make an extra $1,000 per month easily.

There is a lot of work involved:

- Finding the cheapest insurances for car, health, life.
- Negotiate (on the phone) with utility companies for lower energy, electricity, cable, internet, phone, water bills. Also check out idea nr. 134: $$$ >> Save $1,000 per year Let Trim negotiate your bills
- Advice them how to save on energy (like insulation of the house).
- Reduce their costs of debt, like credit cards and loans, like using savings or a consolidated home loan to cover expensive debt.
- Reduce the cost of college (if they have children).
- Advice them to optimize their taxes with their tax adviser, like search for them on www.benefits.gov for all the possible tax credits and tax breaks.
- Give them advice on how to save money rather than racking up debt.
- You do all the internet searches for them to shop for cheaper household bills.

Anyways, you are the expert because you did it for yourself as well.
They will be very willing to pay you $500 to implement these ideas if they can save $1,000-$3,000 each month.
With 1 client per week (4 per month) at $500 in cash, you are making $2,000 per month!
You can start with your friends and family...
You could also advice them on proven ways to make money, like the creation of blogs, real estate investing, etc., thus your experience in making money on this website.

You become a budgeting financial planner expert, compared to (licensed) CPAs that charge $500 per hour, you offer much greater advice than them at $50 per hour and you can work during the evenings (sit together with them) or weekends from the comfort of your home or you visit them!

Start with family and friends of family, and the word goes around...8 hours per day at $50/hour = $400 per day in cash, or x20 days = $8,000 per month!

1) Read all the ideas on this site to become an expert, 2) share this website and 3) tell each of them you will implement all the ideas on this website specific for their situation...easy money!

Distribute business cards: distribute 200 business cards to get 20 clients or more. This is cheap marketing!

Also check out idea nr. 175: $$$$$$$ Make $100-$200 per day promoting this website (www.makemoneybecomemillionaire.com) and offer financial consultation - Make $4,000+ per month

Also check out idea nr 4: $$$ Make $1,000+ per month Doing jobs for family and friends

Also check out idea nr. 131: $$$ Make $5,000+ per month - Provide Personal Service-At-Home

Also check out idea nr. 123: $$$ Make up to $50,000 per year with "Rent A Friend"

Also check out idea nr. 124: $$$ Make $1,000 - $10,000 per month with TaskRabbit

Also check out idea nr. 169: $$$$$$$ Make $300 per day or $6,000 per month selling your own make-money book on the streets - This website is copyright-free! - Help the homeless!

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www.IWantToBecomeMillionaire.com -> Save $2,000-$3,000 per month, make $10,000 per month!
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