206. For women: Make $4,000+ per month - Become a promotional model - Start a modeling service for $999 per client!

This idea is for women!

Become promotional model on Instagram

As you know, promotional models, women who promote products or services for companies or for events can charge from $25 per hour to $250+ per hour.

As you know, with Instagram, you can post pictures of yourself and promote yourself as promotional model.

You create a website with pictures of yourself and use Instagram (and Facebook) to promote this website.

You write on this website that you offer yourself as promotional model for companies or events and your hourly price like $100 per hour.

You also write men can book a date with you for $100 per hour, like to get to know you or to go to restaurant, movies, party, etc (no sex dates!)

You also write you are willing to create a promotional YouTube videos for companies or website owners for $100 per hour.

You promote this website on your Instagram and Facebook.

This may give you $1,000+ (part-time) or $5,000+ (full time) income per month!

Start a promotional model or modeling agency service for other women.

As you Google the internet for "become promo girl agencies",  there are hundreds of websites to list you or someone else as promo girl or modeling girl.

Your service, as a lady, is by offering women to become promo girls or modeling girls for a price of $250-$1,000.

You list their contact details and data (like pictures) on these 100+ modeling/promo girl agencies for a fee like $250-$1,000.

Like it takes one week of data input per client on 250+ websites (50 websites data input per day) and you charge $1,000.

Create a (free) email address (like Gmail, Outlook) which you use to login to the different websites with the profiles, which you share with your clients (email + password) so they can see your progress and they can follow up on the progress (like if they get contacted by a model agency, they can reply)

Also, look for state-wide or city-wide promotion websites, like Google "become modeling/promo girl in New York".

You offer a dream job as modeling/promo girl agency service to hundreds of women!

If you make $1,000 per week with your service with 1 client, with 4 clients, you make $4,000 per month!

Create a promo girl/modeling agency website service for $999 per client. Promote it on your Instagram/Facebook. You may have 4 clients per month easily, bringing in $4,000 per month of income! And you work from the comfort of your home, behind your computer!

You can also charge on a monthly basis, like $250 per month fee for each month promoting a girl (client) to 50 promo girl websites or modeling websites per month (so after 5 months to 250 agencies) and for keeping their information up-to-date. If you have 20 girls/clients, you make $5,000 per month of extra income.

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