162. Make $5,000+ per month - Become a millionaire with a real estate website within 1 year time - Post real estate listings service for home owners and real estate agents on 100+ free real estate websites

This idea is utterly brilliant, I came up with!

A 2017 survey by the National Association of Realtors® reported 51% of buyers found their homes on the internet, 30% found homes through an agent, and a dwindling 7% discovered their eventual home through a yard sign or open house. This should tell you one thing: if you’re selling a house, you don’t just need to be on the internet, you need to be on the right real estate websites.

Search Google, "post your real estate listings free united states". (see below for the links)

You will find over 100 websites to post your real estate listing (for sale or for rent) for free.

The Value Of Free

Again, there’s a lot of paid upgrades and hundreds of places to add your listings, but you can’t beat free exposure to niche audiences interested in what you’re selling.

Each site offers a different amount of return, in terms of potential buyers, but you can’t underestimate the ability to find a home buyer for free.

These 100 free real estate websites offer 20x-50x more exposure than a paid listing on 1 real estate website. So those real estate agents or direct home sellers can sell their $200,000 house 20x-50x faster and for a higher price (more bids). It will take a few months, not years to sell their homes at the best possible price!

The business plan:

Offer to home owners or real estate agents to post their property (for sale or for rent) to 100+ different real estate websites and ask them $199 per month for your work. The house for sale (or for rent) will get up to 100x as much exposure and traffic to the real estate agent website or to your own real estate website (so for those who don't have a website with the real estate details, thus direct local customers, not real estate agents, so post their property on your website, so the traffic goes towards your website, while for real estate agents, you send the traffic to their website). Maybe 1 in 10 of real estate agents or direct home sellers are interested in this service (if not everybody, because this service gives 50x as much exposure than a real estate agent or 1 paid listing).

Even without a website, create a (free) email address (like Gmail, Outlook) which you use to login to the different real estate websites with the profiles of houses to post, which you share with your clients (email + password) so they can see your progress and they can follow up on the progress (like if they get contacted by a client who wants to see the house for sale, they can reply)

As you know, there are 10s of millions of homes for sale in the Unites States by direct home sellers and real estate agents.

The $199 service cost per month that you charge, includes following up the process, and also to unlist the property when it is sold. It may cost you a full week of time to post real estate properties to 100+ free real estate websites.

The first month, you will easily have 10 clients paying you $199 per month, that's $1,990 per month profit. Within 6 months, you have 100+ clients, so you make $19,900 per month. Within 1 year you have 1,000+ clients, that's $199,000 per month profit!

With this $199 per month, you can hire employees to help you implement this awesome service to clients, to real estate agents or direct home sellers! Clients will wait in line to get your service implemented for them! You could even charge $299 per month or more for this service, the demand will be huge!

Or even better, charge a flat fee of $999 for this service to list and unlist (when sold) the properties. Then, you can make $4,000 per month on 4 weeks posting 4 properties to 100+ free real estate websites. You could run this business from a cheap country like Thailand, where you pay employees $1,000 per month to help you grow your business, then you still make $3,000 profit per month per employee. (Your phone is, for example, forwarded to Thailand and they can contact you by email as well.)

Outsource the work to cheap countries. The job to post to 100+ real estate websites is tedious, not easy job and you need internet experience for these data entry jobs. You will hardly find Americans who want to do this for $1,000, maybe for $2,000, even if it's only 1-2 weeks of work. The solution is simple, you can ask an Indian software/internet company (or other cheap foreign company) if they can do this for $500, so then you make $500 profit per promoted real estate offer per client and you can scale your business. The first year, you should be able to promote at least 1,000 properties, so you make $500,000 profit, the next year you should be able to promote 10,000 properties, so you make $5 million profit!

Also, for houses to be rented out, there are 39 of free real estate websites where you can offer the house for rent. Check out the free listing links (below).

Also, if you are not from the United States, offer this service for your country!

Please note: only in the US, you have to be very careful with offering real estate related services without a realtor license. As long as you advertise your service as website marketing/advertising/promotion for real estate offerings, you should be fine. Include a disclaimer on your website. When in doubt, contact an attorney how to write/promote your website legally.

Here are the links:

1. 50 Websites To Post Real Estate Listings For FREE
2. 30 Free Websites to Post Real Estate Listings
3. 39 Free Property Listing Websites to Help You Get Your Property Rented
4. 24 Best Real Estate Listing Websites & Search Engines
5. The Top 10 Online Real Estate Directories

This is an awesome way to become a millionaire within 1 year time with your own real estate website service, and the market is huge, 10s of millions of houses are for sale in the country anytime!

You can also market with flyers in the neighborhood to promote your real estate website, home owners pay $999 for you to list their property on 100+ free real estate websites and on your real estate website. If you sell 5 sales of $999, you make $5,000 per month!

Good luck!

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