157. Become a millionaire with a real estate website within 2 years time - Market houses with facebook ads to house sellers on your website

This idea I came up with and is supergenius!

As you know, millions of houses are for sale in the country. It may take months or years to sell a house or apartment.
Real estate agents want to make their commission on the sale of houses. In the United States, the typical commission is 6 percent, which is split by the agent for the buyer and the agent for a seller—3 percent each. But it's only paid by the home seller. If you're selling your home and buying another with the same agent, they'll collect that 3 percent twice.

So on a $200,000 house, 6% equals $12,000.

With facebook ads, you could locally advertise houses to prospective buyers. So someone selling a house in South Beach, Miami could advertise on facebook targeted local ads to South Beach, Miami residents.

Here is the genius part. Most real estate agents or those people who are willing to sell their house are not using facebook ads or online ads to sell their house. They depend on the real estate agent efforts to sell the house in months or years time. Which can be a pretty frustrating long time for sellers.
Here is where you come in. You are the expert in facebook ads!

You create a website with real estate properties whereby those properties are for sale and you charge a package between $50-$999 to place facebook ads on those properties on your website. Like "Starting Sale" package at $49, "Advanced Sale" package at $249, "Maximum Sale" package at $999. You place facebook ads at half the package cost, so like for $25, $125 and $500. So your profit per sold package is 2x times.

These visitors come on your website with the facebook ads viewing each property and they can contact the sellers with their contact details. And of course, pictures of the houses and full description are included with each property on your website.

The average cheapest cost to get a targeted visitor on facebook is 10 cents per visitor, so for the package of $49, or $25 in facebook advertising budget, you can get 250 visitors, potential buyers to your website. For the package of $999, or $500 facebook advertising budget, you can get 20x times as many potential local buyers, like 5,000.

So the house or apartment gets sold very fast at a low cost. You optimize the facebook ads and your website so they yield 10x times as many buyers than a novice would do placing the facebook ads. So for example, you post on facebook the ads with pictures and description and you entice potential buyers to buy the house, to visit the house.

For example, you can include discounts, like put on your website, "if you visit this house and contact the seller from this house today, a $2,500 discount on the house is included. Ask for the discount.". So you literally sell houses on your website for prospective sellers and you boost traffic from facebook to these properties.

Also, your website doubles in traffic each time you place facebook ads, so the exposure for $25, "Starting Sale" package could be 4x or 10x higher. In other words, your selling of houses is much cheaper than if a real estate agent would place the ads themselves.

You can also get Facebook traffic for as little as 1 cent per visitor (check out Google: "get facebook ads for 1 cent per click"). Then your Facebook marketing gets 10x more return! It's an art, getting very cheap Facebook traffic!

What is the business model?

You create your website with real estate listings (pictures, full desciption), and you sell these advertising packages on your website, like $49, $249, $999 packages. Then you contact house sellers directly or real estate agents on the internet and offer them your advertising deal. Maybe 1 in 10 goes for it.

The first month, you could sell 10 packages at $249 cost, 50% or $1,250 profit, the next month it doubles, and you make $2,500 per month profit, etc. Your traffic grows expontentially. By the end of the year, you make around $100,000 per month or more in profit with your website!

You can also place banner ads like from Google Adsense on your house reselling website, and make $1,000ds more in revenues each month!

So this is an easy way to make $100,000 per month within 12 months time with your website, and you become a millionaire within less than 2 years time with such awesome website!

You are helping people and real estate agent sellers to sell their houses and apartments quickly at a very low cost, it's a win-win strategy!

Also, if a particular house or apartment is promoted (the website of the real estate agent), and the prospect is not interested in that particular house or apartment, he or she may check out other properties of the real estate agent, so you are boosting traffic of the real estate agent website (and your own website linked to the real estate agent website) and you are a professional with facebook ads, even if you take a 50% commission, thus double the price, you can get cheap traffic from Facebook x2, x4 lower than the real estate agent can do. So it's a win-win to boost traffic to the real estate agent website and sell properties fast.

Choose to promote yourself as a facebook advertising company for real estate agents, or you choose to promote yourself as a real estate advertising company

1. You can also choose to promote yourself as a facebook advertising company for real estate agents, whereby you are the specialist in promoting real estate with facebook ads. You run the facebook campaigns for them. Then, you promote their website with properties directly, without listing the properties on your website first. In this case, you tell them you are the specialist in running facebook ads cheaply and very efficiently. The packages of $49, $249 and $999 directly runs the facebook ad campaigns for their website. This is different than if you would list their properties for sale on your website first, in other words, all the traffic is sent to their real estate agent website.

2. However, for direct local customers who want to sell their property with your service, you still need to promote yourself as a real estate advertising company: you still need to list the real estate properties on your website first, otherwise prospective customers can not surf and see the property listing (there is no real estate agent website to promote)

You can choose both 1 and 2: you both enlist properties on your website for direct local customers, as well link those properties to real estate agent websites. So with one click of your property on your website, it links to the property on the real estate agent website as well. Then the facebook traffic goes first to your own properties website.
Also, by building traffic for real estate properties on your own website, real estate agents are also interested to get traffic from your real estate advertising website and will list their properties on your website as well, linking to their website.

Please note: only in the US, you have to be very careful with offering real estate related services without a realtor license. As long as you advertise your service as website marketing/advertising/promotion for real estate offerings, you should be fine. Include a disclaimer on your website. When in doubt, contact an attorney how to write/promote your website legally.

Promote rental properties

Same way, you can also promote rentals of properties from the real estate agent or from a particular local customer (those who want a renter for their properties), so you can offer the same packages of $49, $249, $999 to promote rental properties! So instead of a real estate agent or property owner to rent out their properties in 6-12 months time, they can find a renter in 1-3 months time with your service!

Promote the sales of cars, vehicles

The same strategy can be applied for selling new or used (second-hand) cars on your website, if you are a car fanatic. So this means, cars can be sold within 1 month instead of within 1 year, and cars devaluate each year by 10-20%, so you can have a very successful car selling website as well, with facebook ads packages!

You can work together with car dealerships to promote their cars on your (and theirs) website (you can contact them, maybe 1 in 10 is interested), or you can work with people who are selling their second-hand cars on car websites (you can contact them, maybe 1 in 20 is interested).

There are millions of cars for sale! Even a $30,000 brand new car is worth only about $24-$27,000 after 1 year time, a $3,000-$6,000 loss (10-20% of it's value) if the car isn't sold within months... With your service, the cars are sold within 1-3 months time!

Even if you charge $999 for your most powerful "maximum sale" package of facebook ads, then car dealerships can increase the price of the advertised car by $999 to cover their cost. If you have 1 car sale per package, they have one new sold car of $30,000, and you don't cut into their profit margin! Same as for reselling houses or apartments, advertised houses could be advertised for $999 more expensive, if you can sell 1 house per "maximum sale" package (that's almost no price difference on a $200,000 house, but the house gets sold quickly!)

Good luck!

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