156. Become a millionaire with an e-book within 2 years time - Write an e-book and get traffic from other websites (they get a commission per sale)

“Six years ago, I hired someone for $100 to design my first e-book, ‘Crush The CPA Exam Study Guide.’ It only took about a week to create — and all I had to do was write the copy. It’s been selling on autopilot ever since, and I’ve made at least $100,000 as a result. It was shockingly easy.

Use your knowledge and resources to write a book. Then, pay a designer from a global freelancing platform (e.g., Upwork) $100 to make it look nice and incentive people to sell it for you through an affiliate marketing program. Simply contact the websites that show up in Google when you search for your e-book topic (e.g., type in ‘best CPA study guides’).

Offer to pay them a commission for any sales they send to your website (with the ebook). You leverage their traffic and the trust they have built with their audience.

Many website owners want to make money with their traffic, if they sell your book on their website (like with a banner that links to your website or with a website article on their website that links to your website) thus if they send visitors to your ebook website, they get a commission. Like a $9 ebook, you give them $5 commission, you pocket $4, but they send a ton of traffic to your website! It could be, 1 website gives you 100 sales per day! If you have 100 of different websites sending you traffic for a commission on your ebook, you could sell thousands of ebooks per day and make $4,000+ per day in 2 years time!

The same applies on affiliate sale websites, offer your ebook website as an affiliate member on these websites, many websites want to make money with their traffic selling your ebook. Search Google: "affiliate websites for ebooks"

You could also sell your book on Amazon Kindle, and offer companies a commission for each sale, but the commission is set by Amazon and is small, a better approach is to create your own ebook website and get traffic and sales from other websites (for a commission per sale, thus with an affiliate program). Then, website owners can split the cost of the book and the commission 50-50% in other words, they make more money with sending traffic to your ebook website than sending traffic to Amazon Kindle for your ebook! (for example, if Amazon Kindle pays them a $1 commission, you could pay them $5 commission for example so they make more money by doing business with you. Of course, you could, at the same time, sell your ebook online as an affiliate and on Amazon Kindle)

You can also sell banner ads on your ebook website (like with Google Adsense), so you make double money (the traffic those websites give to you will sell your ebook and gives advertising revenues each month)

You can hire a web designer or web developer to create an affiliate website for your ebook.

Good luck!

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