159. Become a millionaire within 2 years time with a social media advertising website, reselling Fiverr gigs

This is an easy become-millionaire money idea!

Social media advertising is the future of advertising! The cost is very low to reach 10 million Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers, only $5 on Fiverr.

Also, on average, each post can be shared with followers, thus reposted, to reach 2x, 4x as many followers than initially.

There are dozens of $5 gigs on Fiverr for social media advertising, each sharing your message to 5-10 million followers.

For example:

To find these gigs, go to Fiverr.com, type in "social media marketing", "facebook marketing", "facebook promotion", "twitter marketing", "twitter promotion" and check out the gigs! Only use gigs which have a positive review rating. For example: "I will promote your link or post for 2 million followers facebook fans"

Here is the business plan:

You create a website where you offer social media packages for sale, like $199 to reach 50 million Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers. Companies and people can promote their website link, and a description and image to be posted.

You pay 10 gig services on Fiverr for $5 each, so that's $50 dollar cost, and $5 fees, so $55 cost. You charge $199 to offer companies and people to post to 50 million followers with one order. So you have $145 profit on this social media advertising package.

That's still alot of work, sending your orders through Fiverr, and you manage the marketing process.

You can easily sell 10 packages for $145 profit the first month, the next month 20 packages, etc. Within 1 year, you sell 100 packages per month making you $14,500 per month profit. In 2 years time, you sell 1,000 packages per month and you make $145,000 per month profit.

Your website keeps on growing month after month with more visitors who want to do social media advertising. So in less than 2 years time, you are a millionaire!

You can do cheap marketing with 10Khits or PPCmate for your business website ($1 or less for 1,000 Americans or American businesses). You can also contact companies by email or even better, place your own ad to 50 million followers, like "Social media advertising promotion for only $199 to 50 million Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers! Unbeatable offer! Promote your website today! Click here!"

With each post, you may get 10 customers or more, paying you $145 profit per customer!

The same way, you can resell dozens of Fiverr gigs on your website (just look at the popularity of the gigs)!

For example, each new website needs to be listed on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Search for these gigs on Fiverr.com: "search engine submission"

Here is an example gig:

As you can see, this gig is awesome and costs only $5, you can resell this gig for $49 on your website! Then you are still 5x cheaper than a SEO company would do this for $250-$500!

How is this possible $5 for several hours of work? As you know these people who perform this work are usually from cheap countries like from India, where they work for $1-$2 per hour instead of $25-$50 per hour for an American.

So you are still 5x cheaper than a SEO company, if you resell 10-20 Fiverr gigs of $5 for $19-$49 on your website. With 10-20 gigs listed on your website, you could sell 100 gigs per month easily making you $44 ($49-$5) * 100 = $4,400 profit per month after a few months, within 1 year you could sell 1,000 gigs per month and then you make over $44,000 profit per month!

Or smarter, to boost your profit margin, combine 2 services at $5 cost each, like "complete SEO keyword research with competitor analysis + manual submission to 2,000+ search engines for $99". So you make about $90 profit on these 2 gigs. Sell 100 gigs per month at $90 profit = $9,000 profit per month!

You can also resell gigs from other gig websites like SEOClerck.com, they are even cheaper than Fiverr, and you can start at $1 instead of $5, and these gigs can be resold x10, x20 fold the price on your website!

That's the easiest way to become a millionaire! Reselling Fiverr gigs on your website!

Good luck!

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