223. Make $5,000 per month - Become a job coach

As you know, there are maybe 80-100 million unemployed Americans (welfare, unemployment).

Also, of the 160 million working Americans, 20% or about 30 million Americans are looking for a different employer, want to change jobs or are looking for higher-paying jobs they can do.

Finding a job is more than just doing a job search on the internet.

You, as the job coach, create the curriculum vitae (resume) of the unemployed.

You search all the job websites like for jobs paying $50,000-$80,000 or more and you send them each day or each week a listing of job openings by email which may fit their profile. Like sales job, work from home, paying $80,000+ per year.

You can also help them apply for the jobs by sending their curriculum vitae to the chosen employers.

As you know, many working Americans are also looking for higher paying jobs that fit their criteria, you help them out.

You charge $500 per month per client (the invoice is fully tax deductible, so it costs them nothing) as job related expenses are tax deductible in the USA.

You can handle up to 10 clients per month, then you make $5,000 per month.

Create your own job coach service website and promote it with your Facebook, Instagram profiles.

You can work from home as job coach as you work remotely for your clients.

Governments (federal, state, city) may hire you as work-from-home job coaches to produce city jobs, state jobs or USA jobs, like 1 million job coaches for the USA, which produce 2 million jobs per month or 24 million jobs per year. The governments (federal, state, city) may pay you $50,000 per year for this work-from-home job and they make back their money instantly. Like 1 million jobs produce $15,000 in employment taxes per job and $20,000 in unemployment benefits/welfare benefits savings per year, thus $35,000 per created job or $35 billion per month for creating 1 million jobs per month (or $770 billion per year for creating 24 million jobs per year).

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