214. Make $5,000-$50,000+ per month - Become a GSA Ranker Backlinks SEO Consultant

As you know, there are 100rds of millions of websites that need traffic.

GSA Ranker is the best backlinks creator for websites, it creates millions of backlinks per month on autopilot and backlinks mean traffic to your website.

Sometimes, websites only need a few thousand visitors per day to get your website growing automatically in no time.

Also this means hundreds of dollars per month of more banner revenues like from Google Adsense, as your traffic grows each day, you make your investment into GSA Ranker back in no time!

Each day of running GSA ranker may bring in 100-1,000 visitors per day, the next day 200-2,000 visitors, etc

It is the cheapest solution to create massive traffic for your website!

You, as the GSA Ranker Backlinks SEO Consultant charges $500 per month to website owners and private companies to build backlinks non-stop for them, and you run the GSA Ranker campaign for them. There are also Fiverr gigs whereby you can buy cheaply backlinks GSA Ranker service, however most of them are unreliable, and you pay for only a few days of building backlinks. You should build backlinks non-stop 24/7 356/356 days per year!

How to implement GSA ranker?

You can download the software and buy the product from the German company here. It is no scam, don't worry GSA Ranker is already used by 100,000ds of SEO specialists around the world! You also need GSA captha breaker to break the captchas of websites (the capthas prevent automatic backlink posting, the breaker can break through 80% or more captchas, while you don't necessary need a captcha breaker, websites with most traffic to place a backlink on, are using captchas so it is important to have it installed)

Then, you need a fast internet connection and a fast computer. Preferably fiber internet connection or fastest internet speed available and a fast computer to run GSA Ranker on.

A regular computer with home internet can already build 10,000-100,000 backlinks per day. If you rent a monthly VPS Windows server (like starting from $20-$80 per month for more processor power like from 2-core up to 12-core processor server), you ask the service provider of the VPS Windows server to install GSA Ranker with GSA captcha breaker to install it on your VPS Windows server, then you use your license key of GSA Ranker and GSA captch breaker to enable the software.

The VPS Windows server is a remote windows screen you can connect to from your home computer, so you can work remotely on the VPS Windows server.

So let's say you paid $285 for the licenses of the software (a lifetime license) and $20-$80 per month for the VPS Windows server, then each month you have $500-$20 = $480 per month of profit.

And with a VPS Windows server, you don't need to buy a new computer and fast internet connection per client, you run on the server (from your remote home computer) which has a 1 gigabit to 10 gigabit per second internet connection, much faster than your home internet connection! So for each client, you configure a new VPS Windows server!

With 10 clients per month, you promote your GSA Ranker Backlinks SEO service to web owners, private companies, they will all sign up (you have potentially 100+ million website clients!), and you make $5,000 per month gross, $4,200 - $4,800 per month net income!

It is an easy way to make an extra $5,000 per month. Create a website which offers your link-building GSA Ranker Backlinks SEO service/consultancy and promote your website! You can distribute business cards to business owners (200 business cards may give you 10 clients) or promote your service/consultancy on Facebook or Instagram! Or simply use GSA Ranker to create traffic for your website (use the software yourself)

You can check your backlinks of your (clients) websites, search Google "check for backlinks"

That's it! An additional $5,000+ per month money-making idea anyone can do (especially computer nerds/geeks)! With 100 clients you make gross $50,000 per month, net $42,000 - $48,000 per month!

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