180. Become a personal driver for someone else - Make $50-$100+ per day - Make $1,000-$5,000+ per month

As you know, many people like to have a driver to drive them to places, like to work and back, to do shopping, to drive them safely to a party back and forward (they don't drink alcohol), to bring the kids to school and back. Take care of elderly people (they can not drive a car anymore safely), like your grandparents and their friends.

You could offer this service for as low as $50 per day (times 20 days = $1,000 per month of extra income). You drive with their car.

Business people may pay you $100 or more per day to do this job, so they can focus in the back seat on their business and meetings (they make phone calls and check their laptops), they work while you drive them, time is money for them.

If you get paid $100 per day, you make an extra $2,000 per month!
Send to your Facebook friends (one-by-one), you are willing to drive them around for $50-$100 per day with their car, or with your own car.

If you drive with your own car, you may easily charge $100 per day (that's far cheaper than taking a cab to work and back), but you have to pay for fuel and car maintenance yourself.

So even if you are unemployed or on welfare, driving people around can make you an extra $1,000-$2,000 per month and it is a fairly easy job 2-4 hours of work each day!

You can even drive for 2 people around each day, you schedule their driving needs, like you drive kids to school (and back) early in the morning, then during the morning, you drive working people to their work and when the school closes, you bring the kids back from school and when the company closes, you drive the working people back to home. This way, you could easily earn $50 times 2 = $100 per day (times 20 days) = $2,000 per month of income!

You can also pick up 2-3 people together who need to drive to work and back, like a boss and 2 of his/her colleagues (so they each pay $10-$15 forward and $10-$15 back) times 3 people.

This idea pays as much as Uber would pay you (for $25 per hour) and you work only 2-4 hours per day, you become their personal driver which is an added value!

You can also combine this with grocery shopping, you drive them to grocery store, and go shopping with them or for them for $50, like for your grandparents. Or you drive them to places. You become personal driver for your family.
You can ask your Facebook friends if they need a personal driver, like driving them to work and back or driving them to club, bar, disco, grocery store, etc, or driving their kids to school and back.

Or negotiate a monthly fee: like $200 per month to go grocery shopping with shopping list 1 time per week for (grand)parents, family, friends. Or $500 per month to drive people to their work and back each weekday. Or $500 per month to drive kids to school and back each weekday. So you make an easy $1,000+ per month. Plus in your spare time, you drive around as well for other people and you make another $1,000+ per month.

Distribute business cards: distribute 200 business cards to get 20 clients or more. This is cheap marketing! For each client who you drive around, give them 3 business cards for their friends and family to hand out so you double your clients each month! With business cards, you can grow your personal driver business to $5,000+ per month and you are your own boss! Write on your business card "Personal driver for family and friends"

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