227. Save $250-$1,000 per month - All American banks should offer healthcare insurance at half the price of state-wide insurance premiums

As you know, healthcare insurance is very costly in the USA. Americans pay each, close to $500 per month for insurance, a family of 4 pays close to $2,000 per month.

As you know, the state-wide bidding system allows only 2-3 insurance companies (usually banks) to compete for health insurance, so you have 2-3 quotes per state, a nationwide healthcare bidding system should allow you to get 100 or more quotes and breaks the monopoly.

What if we let regular retail banks to offer healthcare insurance to their banking customers?

For banks, this is no risk as they have thousands of customers of which only 1 in 100 will be hospitalised. Same way as for companies who insure their employees of 100 or more employees, they can pay for hospitalisation and medications out-of-pocket, directly, without buying corporate health insurance and save $250 per month per employee.

So if all 1,000ds of retail banks offer health insurance policy to the Americans and to American businesses, this is no real risk for them as they have the cash to cover hospitalisation costs of 1 in 100 people.

This is a banking product which may cost $200 per month real cost, and $250 per month is charged to Americans and American businesses for private healthcare insurance.

This way, we can break the monopoly of the state-wide bidding system as any American, American immigrant or American business can open a bank account at 1,000+ American banks and thus can get private health insurance from their own bank.

Also premedical existing condtions health insurance is possible, banks have to start their own health insurance policy, which can give them 20% markup on a multi-trillion-dollar health insurance industry and private health insurance becomes half as costly. Like banks may charge only $250 per person per month, for a family of 4, this is $1,000 per month in savings.

Also corporations (especially smaller ones, with fewer than 100 employees) can get private health insurance from their own bank at half the cost also for family corporate health insurance. This means more Americans can get (family) health insurance through their employer.

Also, (legal) immigrants in the USA may get health insurance this way.

Also, Americans may decide to go out of the country to get medical treatment, hospitalisation or surgery 10-50x times cheaper like in Canada, Europe or Switzerland, etc

Like they book a vacation which includes medical treatment.

Also public companies, like Amazon, may provide healthcare insurance. If they provide healthcare insurance to their employees (and their families), they can easily provide healthcare insurance to other people and companies too. This way, millions of companies could provide healthcare insurance and boost their revenues. Healthcare insurance will be half the price soon.

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