228. Registered homeless, (legal) immigrants and refugees get shelter by Americans and the Americans get $1,000 per month compensation by their government

To solve the problem of homeless, (legal) immigrants and refugees, the government (federal, state, city) may pay $1,000 per month per person to Americans who give shelter to them.

With 3 million homeless in the USA, that's only $3 billion per month to solve the homeless problem.

Also Ukraine refugees, immigrants and homeless can get shelter by Europeans for 1,000 euro per month. On 1 million refugees, that's only 1 billion euro per month by the European union.

The only need is to register the refugee, immigrant or homeless by city police, then with this registration, anyone can offer shelter to those people.

You may want to create your own homeless shelter website, with private addresses and phone numbers, like $30-$33 per day or free 1 week stay, or homeless may book a hostel (cheap hotel), or book a cheap AirBnb. If you see a homeless, you can also help, give him/her $5, $10 or $20 so he/she can book a cheap hostel/hotel. Also, if you book a hotel, book a hotel with a (girl)friend, like $100 per day, each person pays half like $50 per day. And book/reserve hotels online (like with your smartphone), then prices can be half as costly then when you book in person (and you get discounts), plus you have availability if you reserve upfront, they can not turn you down. And you have a broad listing of hotels to choose from, from low-priced to high-priced. And you don't necessary need credit card, some hotels offer to pay (cash) at the reception. Search Trivago.com, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia.com, etc

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