44. Save $100+ per month – 11 Coupon ideas to get the most bang for the buck

Here are 11 coupon ideas:

1. Here is a new way to save more money at the grocery store. Before, when I would find a coupon online, I would print it and use it. Recently the bright idea of printing the coupons and then copying them came to mind. Most websites with grocery coupons will only let you print them once and then you’ll have to wait until they say you can print again. Well now, I print the coupons and make a couple of copies for the next time I need them and keep them till they are expired. I make copies of the coupons for things I buy every time I go to the grocery store and that way I can compound my savings. Last week I saved $18 dollars off my grocery bill. Not much but I’d much rather have that money in my pocket than in Wal-mart’s.

2. One thing I always do is when purchasing something online, I always do a quick google search for coupon codes for that website or that product. Or, if there are multiple sites which offer that item, I will search for coupon codes for each of the sites and figure out what the best overall deal is (based on base price and any discounts, if available).

3. Two words to remember when buying something online: “Promotion Code“. Google the name of the vendor your buying from and add in the phrase “Promotion Code”. E.g., Google “Famous Footwear” “Promotion code” There are dozens of websites that track promotions from vendors. Even when I buy on sale (which is always) I can almost always find a promotion code that will take an additional 10-25% off or free shipping or both. The only thing better than buying on sale is buying on sale with an additional percentage off and free shipping.

4. Use a brutally effective coupon strategy. Here’s the trick: wait a month before using the coupons. Save your coupon flyer out of your Sunday paper for a month, then bust it out and start cutting anything that might be of interest. For a bonus kicker, use the coupons in comparison with your grocery store flyer that week to find out ways you can use a coupon to reduce the cost of an item already on sale – you can wind up paying pennies for some things and, on occasion, actually get food for free (I’ve came home with a ton of free yogurt containers before, for example).

5. Use coupons on sale items. If you do this you are dramatically reducing the price of something that you generally purchase at regular price.

6. Watch for “double coupon days” at local stores. Some stores offer the consumer a chance to use their coupons at a double discount once a month. This can save a substantial amount of money even reducing the cost of certain items to almost nothing.

7. Trade coupons with friends, relatives or co-workers. Many people cut coupons and save them waiting for a chance to use them. If they have a coupon for a product you normally buy and vise versa, you can make a trade.

You have a daily deal coupon you don’t intend to use? You can sell it at CoupFlip.com. You won’t have to wait for a purchaser either – you can instantly sell the deal at the website. In addition, you can shop for deals with huge discounts!

8. Visit websites that offer coupon discounts. There are many websites that have literally hundreds of dollars of discount coupons available. All you do is point, click and print. Print out grocery coupons online at smartsource.com and coupons.com.

This is the most popular online database of mobile coupons, printable coupons, and deals from a great base of retailers: http://thekrazycouponlady.com/. You should tame your enthusiasm though, since the greatest deals can lead you to unplanned shopping sprees.

Instead of browsing through different shopping websites to find the best deals, you can simply access CurrentCodes.com and find functional codes for your favorite retailers.The website is solely focused on coupon codes though, so don’t expect to find information about deals and sales.

Another option that isn’t quite cash back but is along the same lines of “make money by saving money” — the Honey Chrome extension. Whenever you head to your cart to check out, Honey searches for online coupon codes or better deals from different retailers. That means no more wasted time Googling “[insert store name] coupon code” just to come up empty-handed. Honey does all the legwork for you!

9. Use rebate forms for sale items. If you have a rebate form for a product, purchase it when it’s on sale and be certain to ask for two copies of the receipt. Most rebate requests don’t honor photocopied receipts and if you have two copies, both printed from the store’s cash register, you can keep one for warranty purposes and use the other to mail-in for your rebate.

10. Buy multiple copies of each Sunday's newspapers for the coupons. By purchasing multiple copies, you are able to stockpile items you use frequently at rock bottom prices. Coupons can save anywhere from 30 to 90 percent, especially when combined with sale prices! Websites such as thegrocerygame.com allow you to match coupons with sale prices to optimize savings. Combining coupons with store sales occasionally leads to getting some groceries for free!

11. Join mailing lists for your favorite stores and businesses you frequent regularly. Clothing stores, auto shops, department stores and other retailers may offer coupons through email or regular mail. Often coupons and savings flyers are mailed out weekly in mass mailings. Do not throw these away; you may be able to save on routine expenses such as oil changes and dining out.

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